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The difference between metal fillings and composites

metal fillings and composites


Dentistry, just like medicine, is constantly evolving with new procedures, instruments and dental material. Metal filling or amalgam has been used for the past century and has shown to be a good restoration material. However, the main controversy is the mercury, even though it is a very small percentage of the amalgam material itself. This still has caused a lot of concern over the years.

About 30 to 40 years ago a newer material called composite, which is a bonded restoration versus the old metal filling came into the market. Now, with everything, it had some drawbacks at first with the placement and sensitivity of the material. However, over the years, through much research and development we have perfected the formulation, and I believe we are on the seventh generation of composite at this time. It really has surpassed the metal fillings as an excellent and quality restoration with longevity, aesthetic and strength.

At this point, we only place composite or the white fillings at our practice because it has shown through the years of success and trials as the restorative material of the future.

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