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VIP Private Care Program

Affordable Dentistry Options in La Mesa

Searching for high quality, affordable dental care for you and your family without the hassles and restrictions of insurance? Introducing Trinity Family Dental’s VIP Private Care Savings Program!

The VIP Program provides you with access to:

  • Complete preventative care including cleanings, exams, x-rays and oral cancer screening to maintain optimal oral health
  • Free whitening for life to ensure you’re putting your best smile forth to the world
  • Additional savings on all other dental procedures, including cosmetic services
  • Priority appointment booking to fit your schedule and maximize your convenience
  • A minimum annual savings of $368 versus paying out of pocket!


Included within the VIP Private Care Savings Program are ALL of the following benefits:

  • Two complete professional “6-month” cleanings (excludes periodontal treatment)
  • Two comprehensive exams (new patient and/or periodic) by the doctor during your hygiene visits
  • Comprehensive oral cancer screenings, leveraging ViziLite PRO technology
  • One complete periodontal exam
  • One complete annual required x-ray series (full mouth or panoramic)
  • 50% Savings on professional teeth whitening kit (take-home or in-office)
  • One free whitening gel syringe during each attended hygiene visit
  • 20% Savings on all general dentistry procedures, including treatment for periodontal disease
  • 20% Savings on all cosmetic dentistry, including Clear Correct braces, porcelain veneers and crowns
  • 10% Savings on all dental products (e.g. anti-cavity toothpaste, prescription strength mouthwash)
  • Priority appointment scheduling (we’ll do our best to get you the most convenient and desired times)
  • Program membership discounts for additional family members
  • $35 account credit for each person (non-family member) referred into the program
  • No maximums. No waiting periods. No exclusions. And no red tape!


You are guaranteed a total annual value of at least $733 from the VIP Program! This includes:

  • Two complete professional “6-month” cleanings, a $232 value
  • Two comprehensive doctor exams, including oral cancer screenings, a $266 value
  • One complete periodontal exam, a $68 value
  • One complete annual required x-ray series, a $167 value


In addition, you’ll also have access to savings on many other general dentistry and cosmetic services, such as:

  • 50% off professional teeth whitening with free whitening gel during each hygiene visit ($295+ in savings)
  • 20% off dental implants ($700+ in savings)
  • 20% off Clear Correct Braces ($560+ in savings)
  • 20% off same day crowns ($260+ in savings)
  • 20% off periodontal deep cleaning ($240+ in savings for full mouth treatment)
  • And much more!


How To Register

To register, simply call Trinity Family Dental at (619) 469-4144 (or stop by our office) and decide which investment option you would like to make for a 12-month program membership:

______ Option #1: A one-time payment of $365

______ Option #2: Four consecutive monthly payments of $99

NOTE: Additional family members may be added for an investment of only $297 per adult or $145 per child (ages 13 and under). Businesses with 3 or more registered members receive a discounted rate of $297 per adult. Monthly payment options also available.