La Mesa, CA Dentist

The benefits of Same Day Crowns

Crowns are caps made to fit over teeth. Dentists use them to restore damaged teeth and give them strength. They are made of ceramic and porcelain, but other materials are also used. Though a dentist can do an outstanding job of matching crowns with your teeth, their construction can take as long as 14 days. The established procedure for obtaining crowns requires a minimum of two visits with your dentist, but CEREC only 1 appointment..

Popular with many, CEREC Same day crowns are the most current advancement. They are preferred by many in La Mesa because they are convenient.

Highly developed crowns like these eliminate stress associated with going to the dentist. Treatment requires just one visit, and sedation ensures comfort. Once your crowns are put in place, no damage is seen, and your teeth feel comfortable.

The most up-to-date scientific knowledge is used with Ceramic Reconstruction. It helps create strong and aesthetically pleasing dental reconstruction before the end of the day. Brought about by Sirona to repair teeth, CEREC involves the use of photographs and computer-aided designing (CAD/CAM) to assist the dentist with doing reconstruction in virtual form for crowns, bridges, and more. No non-permanent restoring or impressions are required. As you sit relaxed in your chair, a milling unit is used to perform the actual reconstruction.

Crown Services in 24 Hours

There are four pluses connected to getting crowns and having other dental procedures done the same day. The first one is the time you save not having to schedule repeat appointments. The second plus is not having to wait long for your new crown. The third is the elimination of the need for a temporary crown that could break or cause allergic reactions. The last plus is not having to tolerate a mouthful of toxic materials.

The 24-Hour Crown Procedure

Our dental team uses one-of-a-kind digital imaging equipment to examine your prepped tooth. A 3D image of it is taken, and a blueprint is designed for the purpose of making your crown. The milling unit receives the blueprint and constructs a crown made of ceramic to fit over your tooth perfectly. After milling, minor needed adjustments are made prior to permanent bonding. The total time taken to make the crown and bond it to your tooth is approximately one hour. You don’t have to wait weeks or schedule additional appointments when you get Same day crowns.

New crowns look beautiful because they are attractively shaped and made to match your teeth. Whatever’s necessary gets done at the time of imaging and crown construction. In just one visit, your damaged teeth look strong and attractive. Research reveals crowns you get the same day possess the same long-lasting power as standard crowns made of gold or metal.

This dental equipment delivers high-quality treatment. It’s successful with those who require tooth repairing, implants, and/or orthodontic work. The benefits of restoration are scanning of the area to be treated with the function Biojaw, one-of-a-kind software, and the use of various materials to make the crown. This treatment is appropriate for those with dental implant crowns as well.