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5 Reasons To Get CEREC Same-Day Crowns At Trinity Family Dental

Same-day crowns at Trinity Family Dental are an effective, convenient way to restore your smile if you’re on a tight schedule. While traditional crowns take 2-3 weeks to be manufactured at an outside lab, Dr. Shen can create your crown in our modern office within 30 minutes.

In just one appointment, you can get a crown to cover up a damaged tooth, replace an older metal crown, or support an injured tooth during emergency dental treatment. Here are the top 5 reasons we recommend CEREC same-day crowns for our patients:

1. Spend Less Time At The Dentist’s Office

Nobody likes spending too much time in the dentist’s chair. With your busy schedule, it’s hard to make time to come in for two separate appointments when you need a crown.

With CEREC, you can have your crowns made and placed in just one day. You won’t need to wait around, and you don’t have to come in for a follow-up appointment after treatment. The CEREC process usually takes less than two hours. At Trinity Family Dentistry, we offer extended hours and Saturday appointments so you can get the care you need when it’s the most convenient for you.

2. Avoid Temporary Crowns

Temporary crowns are usually bulky and unsightly, and they can feel unnatural. With CEREC technology from Trinity Family Dental, you won’t need to wear a temporary crown while you wait for your permanent crown to be created at a third party lab.

3. No Uncomfortable Dental Impressions

Traditional dental crowns usually require dental impressions. The thick paste used for these impressions can taste unpleasant and can be difficult for patients with strong gag reflexes. CEREC, in contrast, uses a special powder-based material and a camera to capture a 3D image of your teeth. No messy dental impressions are required!

4. Quickly Restore Your Smile By Replacing Metal Crowns

If you have multiple metal crowns, you may feel self-conscious or embarrassed about the appearance of your smile. Metal crowns do not look natural, and can even cause problems like tooth sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures.

At Trinity Family Dental, we can remove and replace your crowns quickly, ensuring that your smile is restored, giving you a confident smile in just a few hours.

5. Preserve More Of Your Original Tooth

CEREC technology enables the manufacturing of superior, incredibly precise dental crowns, and Dr. Shen can make adjustments to ensure that your natural tooth structure is preserved as much as possible while applying a CEREC crown.

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If you’d like to learn more about CEREC or get details about insurance and the cost of your procedure, schedule a consultation with Dr. Shen! Whether you need a crown to fix a damaged tooth, replace old dental work, or if you just want to improve the appearance of your smile, Dr. Shen will give you all the information you need to know about CEREC.

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